The AI Playbook


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is today’s most important enabling technology. Leading startups, scale-ups and enterprises are using AI today to reimagine consumer experiences and business processes – unlocking revenue growth and cost savings at the expense of their competitors. How can you take advantage?

Embracing AI can seem daunting. How do I develop an AI strategy? Can I afford AI? Do I need an in-house team? Which algorithms should I explore?

We’re excited to offer a blueprint for success. Our AI Playbook is an accessible, step- by-step guide to taking advantage of AI. We explain, without jargon, best practice in six core competencies for AI: strategy; people; data; development; production; and regulation & ethics. In a hurry? Every chapter includes a one-page summary and checklist of actions.

Whether you: are a founder, executive, information worker or developer; work at a startup, scale-up or enterprise; and have a budget of £500 or £5m – this Playbook will catalyse your journey.

Our research has been enriched by 400 discussions with Europe’s leading AI startups, scale-ups and practitioners. Our special thanks to Dr. Janet Bastiman, MMC Ventures’ AI Venture Partner, for her invaluable expertise.

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